Whitepaper: Relativity 2.0 & the Fifth Dimension: How Space-Time Vacuum Gravitational Waves Explain the Double Slit Experiment

Whitepaper: Relativity 2.0 & the Fifth Dimension: How Space-Time Vacuum-

gravitational waves the double-slit experiment and quantum entanglement as well as

quantum teleportation and why we are in a black hole in a

Black hole live with spin



Author: Tom Illauer (07.10.2022)

        Am Kuhlenkamp 17a in 44795 Bochum (Germany)




General introduction, prologue & overview:


In the following article, I will present the following theses in a transparent and comprehensible way:


-       Why the effect from the double-slit experiment was misinterpreted

-       Why the theory of relativity (space-time) must be extended by inflation & spin

-       Why gravity is the first dimension

-       Why the theories "Big Bounce", "Big Bang" and "Big Rip" are all correct and how to combine them by "spin

-       Why quantum entanglements have the half-lives of gravitational waves

-       Why we live in a black hole (event horizon in donut shape) with spin

-       Why we live in a 5-dimension sphere

-       Why not quantum particles but gravitational waves show superpositions

-       How the singularity affects us

-       What the fourth and fifth dimensions could be

-       How we could explain the warm-to-cold paradox

-       Why quanta can move on gravitational waves through all dimensions

-       Why the universe expands exponentially in an inflationary way

-       What the new T-particle is in quantum physics and why it has multiple aggregate states


Table of contents

General introduction, prologue & overview:

Previous theories about black holes: (experts can jump to the next point)

The "we live in a black hole within a black hole" hypothesis:

The Black Hole in Donut Shape in Another Dimension: The Donut Theory

Gravity explained in a new way: "Neo-gravity".

Vacuum explained: "Neo-Vacuum

The fifth and sixth dimension explained: "Neo dimensions".

Black matter explained: There is no

From warm to cold: neo-heat process

Space-Time-Inflation-Spin: The calculation of time simply explained as Neo-Time

The misinterpretation of the double-slit experiment results:

This now explains quantum entanglement: quantum teleportation & superposition.



Previous theories about black holes: (experts can skip to the next point)


         Let us imagine a white sheet of paper, which represents the universe over its edge. Now we draw the inflation theory (expotential expansion of the universe) by two arrows to the left and to the right in addition. Thereby not only the planets are pulled away from each other, for example, but the whole universe expands. This fact makes a considerable difference. Also this expands not linearly, but expotentiell. That means that the universe expands faster and faster, until from a certain place (let's say from a certain coordinate) all atoms and particles would be pulled "apart", as if one would be already at an event horizon at a black hole or in the proximity of a neutron star.


         The "Big Bang Theory" states that the universe originated from a massive explosion of a central strongly compressed point (the singularity). This, roughly speaking, evolved matter, space and time. Since then, everything has been flying away from this point and billions of years ago, time and Murphy's Law gave rise to our life. However, this would not explain why the universe is expanding exponentially accelerated. According to the "Big Bang Theory", the universe would have to slow down. Therefore the "Big Bounce Theory" was developed. This simulates a continuous loop of this process. It is a theoretical model in which the origin of the universe is derived from an oscillating universe. However, the big bang, i.e. the start as in the "big bang" is here the result from a predecessor universe. The rebound of a decaying universe is therefore a new universe. Here one tries to avoid the singularity in the theory.


         One could also imagine it as a black hole. It is compressed so strongly in the space-time that extreme gravity and mass arise. The theory says then that nothing implodes, but explodes again on an "other side". Just imagine two proportional black holes meshing at the space-time curvature. The universe is spat out, at some point pulled back in, compressed and spat out again on the other side. Quite simplified explained. Or still more simply: Like two balloons which were glued together at the tip and blow air from A to B mutually.


The "we live in a black hole within a black hole" hypothesis:


         Now we assume that we live in a black hole, before I go over to my actual thesis. One imagines a gigantic black hole, so big that our whole galaxy, no the whole universe, is in the gravity of it. In the vortex of the black hole, the gravity, everything is what we see and know. The black hole is so big that we do not touch or see the event horizon, but move down in the space-time curvature. The black hole is so big that it even attracts other black holes. Outside the black hole could be much more universe, or even the singularity. Perhaps, besides the vortex, we would see the rest of the universe, but it would be hidden by a spin. We then see the surrounding universe by the gravitational lens effect, but we can never reach it. The further one moves in space-time, the faster one becomes. This is due to the spin of the space-time curvature, which combined explains the inflation theory. The spin is so enormous, but at the same time the mass (gravity) in the black hole is so great that we think the universe is gigantic and infinite. However, what we measure is always the space in the past, which was pulled further down in the space-time curvature by the spin. So the time ticks down from the beginning of the black hole to the lower space-time curvature. This would also explain the time. The spin provides a kind of whirlpool. If we want to measure out from the earth, we send microwaves simplified "to the right". However, this does not go singularly through the black hole into the singularity or into the real universe around the black hole, but down the whirlpool, respectively up into the space-time curvature towards the past! One imagines that one would be in a ball and runs in it in one direction, only that this ball is gigantic. By the spin the process is accelerated and runs not singular / also not predictable.


The Black Hole in Donut Shape in Another Dimension: The Donut Theory


         And now we extend the previous model additively by further factors. In the area country, a world on two dimensions (only X and Y coordinates) one sees everything in geometrical figures. Someone living there cannot see a ball or a sphere. The spatial dimension to 3D is missing. He would see the ball as a line in front of him. Also you can't see backsides in 2D. We live in a 3D world (actually 4D including time), that means we also see depths and heights, so we can perceive the ball from all directions. If you would try to throw a ball through the plane land, you would see only a short line in front of you in the plane land, then it gets bigger (to the center of the sphere) and then shorter again until it has completely wandered through the plane land. It would be similar to look at a ball from the side from the view of a glass table, then you understand the example. I think that is my assumption that we quite often perceive things and physical laws from the fifth and higher dimensions, but simply do not make it conscious to us, as in the area land. What we perceive is in reality the "Big Bounce" and "Big Bang" combined in one. We imagine again the two balloons which are connected to each other with the tip. However, we now stretch these as a whole body in the form of a donut and add spin.


         A sketch will illustrate my thesis:





        We are in a black hole in a black hole. The opening with the event horizon is at "1". We were sucked in and now we are in another black hole. Or in other words, like an opening on a donut that sucks everything in and then you are trapped in that donut. Now, however, after "1", one gets not only into a space-time bend, but into a "space-time bend" in donut form, which also spins by spin. Let it sink in for a moment. So we are sucked in at "1" like an opening on a donut. The opening was the "Big Bang".


         In the whirlpool (donut) we move clockwise (therefore also the time clockwise). We have a singularity in the middle "2". So our whole world view (universe and galaxies) moves clockwise from "1" on the left, to the right along the donut. Today we are at "A", in billions of years at "B", then "C" and at some point in a "Big Bounce" loop with "Big Rip", because we can't get out of "1", but at some point we get back into the space-time curvature of 1, which leads to the "Big Rip" and "Big Bounce" again.


         On the way towards "Big Bounce" there are physical laws through billions of years within the way in the donut, because the black hole is infinitely big. At "1" the big bang took place, we travel once around, bang again. We can't travel back in the future because time runs along the black hole. We can fly from "A" to "C" along gravity by "space-time curvature" and by spin, but not opposite of the course. However, the whole black hole still has a spin "3" which rotates the whole universe, thus space-time is also curved. Not only the donut itself is spinning, but also the "walls" along the donut.


         If we are at "4" today, we can measure gamma radiation or send / receive microwaves, but these would always measure the vortex up / down (through the spin) in the direction of the past. Therefore we see the universe also in the past, billions of light-years offset. So the spin makes sure that the measurement goes back up the spiral. Or easier explained: A light ray goes to the left in light speed, but until the light ray has arrived at the edge, the spin and the gravity has already shifted the universe from the past there.


         Since everything runs in the direction of "Big Bounce" and everything runs compressed by gravitation, the universe is accelerated expotentially (also by means of spins) and expands thus (inflation theory). The black hole is so enormous that it sucks in also other black holes. But also single black holes can develop in the course of the donut, which then become portals to the singularity again. If one would manage to travel faster than the speed of light without developing too much mass, one could travel through the singularity in the direction of the future. But if we would try to fly simply vertically from position "4" until we land at a boundary, then the spin would make sure that we can fly infinitely far, but would still be pulled towards the future. In front of us always appears new space from the spin, because we move slower than this.


Gravitation explained in a new way: "Neo-Gravity


         If I stand still, the spin and the gravity move me of course. If I move however, thus all the same in which direction, I defy the spin, for me the time passes more slowly than for someone who does not move. This explains the theory of relativity of Mr. Einstein, because if I move, I would try to defy the spin gravity. The gravity is getting bigger and bigger towards the "Big Bounce". If I move now from position "4" in the direction of a mass planet, the time would pass for me also slower. This is not only because of the space-time curvature, but also because the mass flows slower in the direction of the Big Bounce (to the right) through the donut, than simple massless matter. Therefore, we will also merge with the Andromeda Galaxy. The faster the spin becomes, the closer we get to gravity towards "Big Bounce", the faster everything expands and mass increases, thereby lowering the space-time curvature even more. Any atoms and particles are compressed little by little and become hydrogen and quarks. There could also be connections to the singularity between the big black hole and the small black holes, potentially also wormholes or strings.


         With this, one would finally be able to explain why the universe appears infinite, so we think that we could fly infinitely long in one direction. With a sphere one would think that we come out on the other side again, but in reality the spin and the gravity (also because the travel speed is > light speed) provides for the fact that the space never ends before us.


Vacuum Explained: "Neo-Vacuum


         All this explains then why we have a vacuum in the universe (the universe consists of a sphere consisting of a black hole with spin).


         So we have a high spin after the "Big Bang", currently today in "A" a low spin and in the future again a strong spin. The spaghetti effect does not only occur shortly before another "Big Bounce", but also near the spin at the edge of the black hole (donut) itself. Black matter is pushed outward by the spin and thereby displaces matter. A sphere (stratosphere) to the singularity is created. Around a 3D sphere one could throw a lasso. Not around a sphere. Around my construct also not, because it is not only a sphere, but because it also turns and becomes larger with the throw. The gravity is highest at the edge of the sphere. The spin hurls the gravity in the form of gravitational waves through the universe and pushes the universe at the edge apart. The pressure is highest here and the expansion is faster and higher than in the core. This creates a vacuum.


The fifth and sixth dimensions explained: "Neo dimensions"


         So 4D (space 3 dimensions plus time) becomes five 5D and 6D. So space (height, depth, width) plus time plus inflation plus spin. So our model is extended by spin and inflation. Because if we take our 3D model, thus "left", "right", "above", "below", "height", "depth", additive to it now "spin" and "inflation", then this results in singularity in the infinity. Only with the difference that singularity is not what we believe. It is a world without physical laws, but it still consists of quantum particles and dark matter, which was compressed before simply strongly and escaped from the small black holes in the big black hole. A sphere becomes bigger and bigger by the inflation. Thus it is a dimension for me. The spin provides the infinity in the space, also a dimension.


         While Vera Ruben says that the planets at the edge of the galaxies are moving as fast as the core, I maintain that this is true, but only today.


Black matter explained: There is no


         Also, black matter is debunked by the new model, which is supposed to be pushing everything apart. It is the spin and the gravity which today pull everything apart and push us further in the direction of the "Big Bounce".


         We live in the inner lane of 1.5 to 3 black shield radii. In a nutshell. We live ourselves in a space-time curvature with spin and gravity. The universe therefore remains manifold.


From warm to cold: neo-heat process


         Why does heat always run into cold and nothing the other way around? Because matter is also compressed, in the direction of "Big Bounce". Heat follows the same physical law of the black hole. Matter expands, but is compressed (entropy). Fast atoms gradually become slow atoms. This also explains order to disorder. Heat is only the absence of cold. At the beginning of the donut everything is fast and orderly, with time everything slows down and fuses, before the "Big Bounce" again everything speeds up and expands, until it is completely compressed again. So the heat follows the donut process. Warm to cold is therefore like in the donut "Fast" to "Slow".


Space-time inflation spin: The time calculation simply explained as neo-time


         Let's imagine an X-axis with "time" as declaration. On the left of the axis is yesterday, on the right is tomorrow. The Y-axis now consists of "space-time-inflation-spin". Between these axes are now circles next to each other. The left circle is small, on the right the circle is quite large. The circles are getting bigger and bigger towards the right. The reason: Inflation makes the circle bigger and bigger in the course of time, actually even expotentially bigger.


         If one would try to send a ray of light from the top to the bottom on the far left, which cannot cross the ball, the ray would have a smaller detour (smaller circle than circle tomorrow) than to bypass tomorrow, because tomorrow the ball would already be larger than today. This explains also differently expressed the space-time curvature without inflation effect, which we have added now. The bigger a mass is, the bigger the detour for a traverser or the bigger the space-time gravitational imprint.


         But now the 5D and 6D world comes into play. We live in a 5D and 6D world, not in a 3D world. If one tries again to send a light beam down from above, but the universe expands faster than light speed at the start of the light beam launch, additionally the spin provides more gravity, then the beam must not bypass the circle on the left perpendicularly, but the ball on the right of it displaced, because the time passes now further and the inflation speed and the gravitational waves are faster than the light speed. That's why we can't go into the past. Also it is like in the area country. The circle is bigger today than yesterday, therefore it is hidden behind it. The inflation has therefore an influence on the time (on the duration which an object needs to avoid the space-time curvature), supplemented by the inflation that everything expands on the way up to the goal.  


         So, how much mass a body has does not depend on the Higgs boson, but on the spin in the space-time curvature as well as on the accumulated gravitational wave and the inflation factor.


Why the dinosaurs became extinct due to a gravitational wave:


         One could also go further and thus explain other phenomena. For example, we don't see ufos, but jets coming to us by spin. Or dinosaurs did not die by an asteroid, but by changed gravity, which only allowed small animals to exist. Over time, gravity gets stronger and stronger according to our model. So the animals needed more and more power to face the gravity, which consumed a lot of energy. Then, when food becomes scarce, they all die out. My thesis: They died because of an enormous gravitational wave, which temporarily influenced the gravity on earth.



New energy generation: gravitational power plants


         One can now also use this phenomenon to generate new energy. For example, gravitational power plants in space.


         And one could continue this all also still further. Potentially we are in a black hole, but we are in the direction of a white hole. Here then particles are separated into individual parts, for example also into black matter. The particles change in this process and plasma is created.


The misinterpretation of the double-slit experiment results:


         The denominator is the gravitational waves in the spin of inflation.


         In the double-slit experiment, electrons and / or photons were shot through two slits onto a measuring device in the form of a screen. One has found that these do not behave like particles in the form of spheres, but in the form of waves. So one has visually confirmed an interference pattern of five probabilities where the electrons will land. One also does not know through which of the two slits the electron was shot. There is only a 50% probability. Thus, neither is known through which slit the electron flew, nor where it will land. One can predict both only with probabilities on the basis of the sine curve or the interference pattern. But if you try to attach a measuring device to one of the two slits, which measures a traversed electron (and which slit), then the five-digit interference pattern becomes a two-digit one. How can this be?


         2 columns = 5 bars interference pattern

         1A gap open, 1B gap closed = 1 bar Interference pattern

         1 B slit open, 1A slit closed = 1 abrupt Interference pattern

         2 columns with measuring device: 2 bars interference pattern


         The result of the double-slit experiment is correct, for which the three experts rightly received the Nobel Prize recently, but the interpretation is wrong. Our interpretation is that as soon as one measures, the photon behaves like a particle and without measuring like a wave. As if the photon knows when we measure and when we don't. This is wrong and I explain why.


         There is no matter wave, but there are gravitational waves. We try to measure this with the LIGO detector. This can measure enormous gravitational waves, for example from two colliding black holes, directly, but through the optimal filters only very strong ones. According to my thesis of the universe everything consists of gravitational waves and we can measure these only not.


         Gravitational waves as a solution


         Electrodes and quanta are so small that they are transported by gravitational waves through space-time with up to or even faster than the speed of light. GW (gravitational waves) can be faster than light speed. However, we can measure faster-than-light speed with difficulty. I imagine it like this: In a world of the singularity and without space-time, all quantum particles are transported with the help of gravitational waves through the universe. These GW do not only reach the earth, they are everywhere. Also our body is crossed by it. This effect is still strengthened by the space-time curvature. We cannot predict therefore where a particle is in the space.


         In the double-slit experiment, the photon is launched, lands on a gravitational wave and hits the double-slit. Now one must know that gravitational waves could be the first dimension. Because without them, there would be a space, but no time. A photon is shot, is caught by a GW and the photon is carried with the GW through the space and through the time. It behaves therefore like a wave. My thesis thereby is that the photon as quantum state is so small and light that the GW assumes the properties and information of the particle. A GW must be always balanced, like with a magnet "plus" and "minus". The GW hits now the two gaps, behind it the GW are broken, several gravitational waves with the same information arise and it comes to the five-part interference pattern.


         The big question of science is, why electrons behave like particles when we measure and otherwise like waves. It is because of the measurement. During the measurement polarization filters are used (or other methods). These hinder the propagation of the GW. So again: Photon hits invisible and not measurable GW, is carried on it, GW takes properties of photon, GW is interrupted with measurement (the wave hits both slits at the same time, not on so far thought only one slit!), from wave becomes again only particle and flies on the two-slit interference pattern. With the measurement, one brings the quantum particle from the first dimension into the measurable fourth dimension.


         From this I conclude that quanta can move by gravitational waves. We can measure it only not. With a measurement we transform the wave to a particle.


         It was important for the double-slit experiment that it needs a vacuum and works only in it, because otherwise interactions with other physical laws falsify the results. But this is not the reason. The reason is, because all other physical laws break the gravitational waves. So like in the universe...


This now also explains quantum entanglement: quantum teleportation & superposition.


         Whether a particle now has a spin up or spin down depends on the spin of the gravitational wave. And so also the superposition arises. As long as the quantum particle is on the gravitational wave, it has a superposition in the first dimension. Now, if a quantum particle or an atom is entangled by a diamond, simply put, you can separate it spatially and you can measure the spin of one particle by measuring the spin of the other particle. The property of the alternative particle changes thereby faster than light velocity, which according to Mr. Einstein is not possible at all, at least not as information transfer. This is also because of the gravitational waves and the spin.


         Again: The photon is entangled and lands on a gravitational wave. This must always be balanced. Simplified left spin down, right spin up and the wave has superposition. These move on the GW now through space and time and are blocked by nothing. Or differently, one shoots off from an atom two entangled atoms, the denominator is however an atom or a particle which lay in the origin on a GW and these are now shot off by space and time. These wander now as said on the wave until we interrupt the wave again by trying to measure the particle what became a wave. We get it from the first dimension. We now catch one of the two particles, for example spin up. As the wave balances out and is interrupted, the rest of the wave automatically becomes Spin Down. Since part of this wave is on the second measurement, it becomes Spin Down. This explains the fast information transfer, even faster than light, as both particles are connected by the GW.  It also explains why waves become particles and particles become waves. The measuring instruments can measure only particles, no particles on weak gravity waves. So, the spooky action at a distance is a gravitational wave traveling through space-time, which transports and links all entangled quanta. As long as quanta are on the same wave, the wave takes over the information transmission.


         Thus the gravity changes not only the time, but also the information transmission! It is assumed that the quantum entanglement also works with light years distance. Here I would also attest this, however only with a half-life supplement until the GW is interrupted. Up to now one has experimented with a spatial separation of a few kilometers.


         One could also say: A gravitational wave, which does not balance, falls into singularity. Like at the event horizon of a black hole. It is also possible that several GW represent a kind of gravitational field (like a kind of blockchain) with information synapses among themselves.


         And one could also discuss this further. Is there a T-particle of which the gravity consists. It is a fermion and boson at the same time, as it wants. Water can also have different aggregate states and store information. There are not only liquid, gas and ice, there are perhaps also hexatic waves. They behave like single layer water molecules in nanoscale cavities. The T-particle has a Planck length and is different parts at the same time depending on spin or depending on gravity.




My name is Tom Illauer, I am 32 years old and live in Bochum (Germany). First of all: I am not a physicist, not an astronomer, did not even study physics. Many of the theses I cannot calculate or explain in detail. On TV I saw the physics Nobel Prize ceremony and the topic fascinated me. Therefore I spent three days of my vacation reading technical literature and developed the following new theses, which should enable, respectively inspire someone, like the reader, to prove or further develop the theses. As an autistic person without any negative restrictions I am certified to have a quite high IQ. Currently, I work as the CEO of an online marketing agency with 50 FTE. Before that I was CMO of two companies with billions of capitalization as well as founder of my own startup. Furthermore, I advise companies in due diligence processes, I have written two books, run a podcast and I am a graduated investment banker. If I had known at 15 that one could study astronomy or particle physics, retrospectively I probably would have chosen that. In June 2021, I predicted the financial crash in March 2022 with 14 months' notice. As proof, the video is uploaded on Youtube, in which I not only predicted the tech crash with month-by-month accuracy, but also calculated the inflation rate of over eight percent. My dream is to teach as a professor, to hold supervisory mandates and to make the world a better place, to leave causal footprints. I pursue that principle with my own startup called Orthexo. Orthexo.de is a comparison platform for industrial and medical exoskeletons, so that no one has to deal anymore with back pain has to work and because every person has the fundamental right to walk. This must not be due to lack of Investments fail. We are at the very beginning of the foundation, but 80% of the income is used for animal welfare as well as donated to the advancement of women in science. Why am I writing this article? Perhaps out of curiosity,

but perhaps also in the hope that at some point someone will confirm some of the theses and say that Tom has already hundreds of years ago. Unfortunately, I am intellectually not able to prove my theses or even to calculate them, but maybe I manage that the article inspires you to be able to explain the laws of physics, the world view and the whole universe based on it.


Thank you for your time and commitment to science.

Tom Illauer