HaveANice.Day Domain Name

Dear interested parties, if you see this page, then you are potentially interested in purchasing the domain "HaveANice.Day". 




You have the option to buy the domain, lease, lease till own, buy in installments or enter into a share deal. Of course all with NDA if you intend to do so. 


Purchase price:


The purchase price of the domain is increasing from 500 k to 750,000 USD, because of the high interest of offers.  

Leasing 7.500 USD per month.


What is the domain worth?


For some 0 EUR, for some one million USD. It depends on the benefit. Google shows more hits for the search phrase than for casino or poker, namely 4,310,000,000 results. This is what makes the domain so extremely valuable. If you want to learn more about domain valuation, feel free to visit my subpage "Valuation", where I show up to 50 factors how to value a domain. Finally, the domain is perfect for a business or as a personal address of a user, potentially also as a crypto address. Customers can remember the site incredibly well and associate something positive with the domain. It is also perfect for television advertising. I myself would also use the domain on business cards. The .Day domain extension is operated by Google. You need a SSL certificate for the domain to be reachable. Since I don't want to sell the domain at all, the purchase price is 750 k. There are more than 150 companies in the USA with the name "Have A Nice Day" and no trademark to the domain. A UDSP procedure is therefore as good as impossible. Further, you can look at NameBio.com (a domain name price history checker) and you see, that all perfect fit domain names to the Extension are sold over 500 k, like online.casino, free.games, vacation.rentals, the.club and many more. Check it out here or visit the highest .com sales here. The .com Domain of HaveANiceDay is off the market and valueded with 7.500.000 USD, so the .Day is valueded with 10 %. For the .Day Extension, the Term HaveANice is the best term for this extension and this is why the domain is so much on value. 


If you are interested, feel free to write me at: tom.illauer@gmx.de or Contact.


Thanks and LG