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Why am I writing this analysis? An anecdote: Michael Burry, the star investor from the movie "Big Short," saw the 2008 financial crisis coming earlier than any analyst before him. In an interview he commented: "Many people have asked me why I didn't warn anyone about the crisis. This I am now changing, but still no one listens to me. “

You will find my CV and reputation at the end of the analysis.


What can you expect? What inside information will you receive?


I show you that commodity prices are similar to the oil crisis, corporate capitalization values are higher than at the dotcom bubble, real estate prices are as high as they were during the subcrime crisis, and the whole thing is mixed with unprecedented hyperinflation.


Before you consider sacrificing 30 minutes of time in today's attention economy to review an analysis from a complete stranger to you, please take a look at the table of contents and then decide.


I am not a crash prophet! Why not? Because the well-known crash prophets foresee the crash every year, and if they do this only often enough, then they will be already right, because it happens statistically every seven years. I therefore give a forecast for the time: March 2022...


Anecdote: With hundreds of examples, which no one has collected before and summarized in an analysis, I show you the future tulip mania, because it has never been as bad as it is today. Speculative bubbles are not bad, on the contrary, like short-selling they serve a capitalist purpose, but the delta, the leverage with which speculation takes place, has never been so extreme

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